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Lawyers Weekly 30 under 30 Awards – Congratulations Veroshan

Nicholson Ryan Lawyers are delighted to announce that associate, Veroshan Sripragasan, has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Mergers & Acquisition category of this year’s Lawyers Weekly 30 under 30 Awards.  Lawyers weekly 30 Under 30 is Australia’s largest independent awards program that recognises excellence in young lawyers – those that are raising the bar on…

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Nicholson Ryan Lawyers hit the airwaves

Leath Nicholson (Principal) and Veroshan Sripragasan (Associate) were recently interviewed for the podcast Trench Talk hosted by Matt Reynolds.  On the podcast, they discussed a range of topics including the regulatory framework regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies, mergers and acquisitions and the involvement of lawyers in pursuing business growth. You can listen to Leath and Veroshan chat all…

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Growth for Nicholson Ryan Lawyers

Leath Nicholson, Director

  Nicholson Ryan Lawyers is pleased to welcome new Director Lee Mitchell to the firm. Lee has over 22 years’ experience in corporate and commercial law gained with international, national and boutique law firms including 12 months as in-house counsel at ExxonMobil and 2 years as a Partner with Middletons (now K&L Gates LLP) Lee’s…

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Changes to Ipso Facto Termination Rights

Andrew Bini (Principal)

Many commercial contracts contain clauses which entitle a party to terminate the contract or exercise other contractual rights where the counterparty suffers an insolvency event (such as the appointment of a voluntary administrator or receiver or the entry into a scheme of arrangement with creditors). That is, by the mere fact itself (“ipso facto”) that…

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Unfair contract terms under the Australian Consumer Law

Andrew Bini (Principal)

Since 12 November 2016, the unfair consumer contracts terms regime in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) has also regulated unfair terms in small business contracts.  In essence, if a term is found to be unfair it is void. In this article we describe how these laws apply to consumer and small business contracts. Consumer and…

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AMA’s unusual, but successful, takeover of 4WD

Leath Nicholson (Principal) and Andrew Bini (Principal)

On 19 January 2018 AMA Group Limited (ASX : AMA) announced the successful completion of its takeover of Automotive Solutions Group Limited (ASX : 4WD). The takeover was achieved by way of a conditional off-market bid for all of the shares in 4WD. The takeover was initially launched as on-market takeover bid, which was announced…

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Warranties and Indemnities in M&A

Leath Nicholson (Principal) and Veroshan Sripragasan (Solicitor)

With most mergers and acquisitions (M&A), there is a commercial risk that some fact, matter or circumstance might be uncovered once the deal has completed which, if known from the outset, would likely have caused one party to reconsider the terms on which the deal was to be consummated. As lawyers, we help manage this…

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Crowd sourced funding – A guide for public companies

Shannon Ryan (Principal) and Andrew Tsirikis (Solicitor)

Legislation governing the crowd-sourced funding (CSF) regime for public companies is now in full effect with the following checklist being designed to assist those companies navigate their way through this process. Eligible companies To engage in CSF, your company must: (1) be an unlisted public company limited by shares with assets and annual revenue caps…

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Structuring an unregistered managed investment scheme

Shannon Ryan (Principal) and Will Kiernan (Solicitor)

Managed investments schemes are versatile investment structures which can be used to manage trusts (including cash management, property and equity funds) and a variety of other collective schemes (including agriculture, timeshare, mortgage, strata title or even film funds). Regardless of the investment, the key components of any managed investment scheme (‘MIS’) are that: (a) people…

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Credit provider’s obligations

Shannon Ryan (Principal) and Sevda Tankir (Solicitor)

An individual or company that provides credit to consumers, must be aware of the obligations under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth) (the NCCP Act) and National Credit Code (the NCC) (which is contained in Schedule 1 of the NCCP Act) and know if they apply to them and their credit activities. What…

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