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Nicholson Ryan Lawyers advises Praemium on its circa $70 million takeover of Powerwrap

Ian Christiansen

2 October 2020 Nicholson Ryan Lawyers has advised Praemium Limited (ASX:PPS) on its successful off-market cash and scrip takeover bid for Powerwrap Limited (ASX:PWL), for an aggregate deal value of circa $70 million. Praemium is a highly regarded provider of technology platforms for managed accounts, portfolio administration, investment administration and financial planning. Praemium services in…

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Redundancy Requirements Post COVID-19

Gerard Maxted, Associate, Specialising in Commercial Law and Litigation, Nicholson Ryan Lawyers

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant workplace disruption, forcing businesses to restructure their organisations in response to government direction (such as directing employees to work from home) and also to remain competitive in an evolving environment. We anticipate that many workplaces in the near future will look different, with restructures causing some jobs to…

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COVID-19 and Commercial Leasing Issues

Andrew Bini, Director - Mergers & Acquisitions, Nicholson Ryan Lawyers

The Federal and State governments’ COVID-19 restrictions aimed to help slow the spread of COVID-19 have had widespread economic consequences, leaving many businesses with significantly reduced or no cashflow to pay their rent. To aid the management of cashflow for SME tenants and landlords on a proportionate basis, the National Cabinet has imposed a Mandatory…

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The JobKeeper Program for Businesses

Lee D Mitchell, Principal, Nicholson Ryan Lawyers

Introduction The Federal Government has announced a series of fiscal measures to protect the incomes and job of Australian workers, including the JobKeeper Program, a $130 billion ‘wage subsidy’ scheme. Below, we have set out some key questions and answers in relation to the JobKeeper Program. What is the JobKeeper Program? The JobKeeper Program is…

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COVID-19 and Frustration of Contracts

Lee Mitchell, Principal, Nicholson Ryan Lawyers

The impact that COVID-19 will have on the Australian and global economy is becoming more apparent, with supply chains and other commercial arrangements being placed under increasing strain. Notably, Australia’s response to COVID-19 may enliven contractual force majeure provisions, which refer to the exercise of Government powers, or the doctrine of frustration. If you wish…

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COVID-19, Contractual Obligations, and Force Majeure Clauses

Lee Mitchell, Principal, Nicholsn Ryan Lawyers

Considering the recent global outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID – 19), Nicholson Ryan Lawyers (NRL) has been providing advice to many of our clients in terms of the threat posed by COVID – 19 to business continuity, contractual and financing arrangements and corporate governance obligations. Below, we have outlined our insights to answer some of…

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Specialist expertise tailored to client needs

Boutique law firms with a specialist focus are an emerging trend in Australia. According to the Australia: State of the Legal Market white paper, published by Melbourne Law School and Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor in 2016, while many major law firms are facing multiple challenges including rising costs and uneven profitability, boutique law firms concentrating on a…

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Risks of issuing a creditor’s statutory demand

If you have money owed to you by a company (not an individual), issuing a creditor’s statutory demand can be a quick means of debt recovery. By serving a statutory demand, the debtor company has 21 days to either pay the debt, come to a satisfactory arrangement with the creditor, or make an application to…

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Lawyers Weekly 30 under 30 Awards – Congratulations Veroshan

Nicholson Ryan Lawyers are delighted to announce that associate, Veroshan Sripragasan, has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Mergers & Acquisition category of this year’s Lawyers Weekly 30 under 30 Awards.  Lawyers weekly 30 Under 30 is Australia’s largest independent awards program that recognises excellence in young lawyers – those that are raising the bar on…

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Nicholson Ryan Lawyers hit the airwaves

Leath Nicholson (Principal) and Veroshan Sripragasan (Associate) were recently interviewed for the podcast Trench Talk hosted by Matt Reynolds.  On the podcast, they discussed a range of topics including the regulatory framework regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies, mergers and acquisitions and the involvement of lawyers in pursuing business growth. You can listen to Leath and Veroshan chat all…

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